HPE ArcSight

HPE ArcSight Express – The Express version of HPE ArcSight is designed with mid-sized organizations in mind. Highly rated by Gartner and Forrester, Express delivers enterprise level SIEM functionality at a surprisingly competitive price point.

HPE ArcSight Express QuickStart – Cost-effective implementation of HPE ArcSight Express and associated components. These engagements typically last 1-2 weeks.

HPE ArcSight Logger – Universal log management at an affordable price. This proven solution is deployed worldwide and is viewed by many as the de facto industry standard. Log analytics are especially useful to IT teams for maintaining compliance, bolstering security and streamlining operations.

HPE ArcSight Logger QuickStart – Cost-effective implementation of HP Logger and associated components. These engagements typically last 1-2 weeks.

HPE ArcSight Application View – Enhanced application visibility and security intelligence via Fortify Runtime Application Logging and ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM).

HPE ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager – Collection, correlation and reporting on security events in real time. ESM allows for the detection of unusual or unauthorized activities as they happen.

HPE ArcSight Reputation Security Monitor – RepSM is reputation-based intelligence brought to the SIEM platform. Protection is enhanced thereby reducing risk and exposure to the business. RepSM can detect risks earlier through the correlation of security events with security intelligence that has already been vetted. Communications between malicious hosts and infected infrastructure are detected and blocked thwarting sophisticated attacks.

HPE ArcSight Management Center – ArcMC is used to manage large deployments of solutions within the HPE ArcSight suite. Logger, SmartConnectors, FlexConnectors and Connector Appliances may all be managed via a single interface for ease of management.

HPE ArcSight Threat Detector – The Threat Detector identifies potentially malicious event patterns. Once identified, Threat Detector creates rules to detect zero day other attacks.